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Temporary Authority

There’re different forms of authority that we need to learn to submit to. When we volunteer for a project, we have to respect the instructions & guidelines set by the project organisers. Sure, nobody’s paying you to do volunteer work. You may even feel that you have a better way of doing things; but if […]

Naughty Kids

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t enjoy scolding kids.  In fact, I feel somewhat bad towards their parents when I tell kids off because they don’t belong to me.  The issue I have, however, is that I cannot tolerate destructive behaviour.  Kids throwing toys on the floor, scribbling/ doodling on property that don’t belong to […]

Read with disappointment that Nokia has kicked out some developers from their Nokia Developer Champion programme just because they (so far) only developed for Symbian. I wonder if Nokia realise that some of these developers never needed to develop for other platforms because the earnings from the Symbian apps they wrote were enough for their […]


Pursuing excellence in one area of life only is not enough.

Damotory Korean Wine House

Went to Damatory to celebrate a friend’s birthday last month.  The food’s pretty good & they have a wide range of Korean alcohol (beer, various types of makkoli, soju, apple cider wine, etc). Here’re the pics of the more memorable dishes (truth is, the rest of the food was gobbled down before I could take […]


I realise people who take photos fall into 2 broad categories.  There are those who take artistic photos and there are those who take photos to document the moment.  I definitely don’t fit into the former as I don’t have an artistic eye.  Furthermore, although there are many apps that can edit photos & add […]

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