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Microsoft White Touch Mouse

This is going to be an absolutely geeky post.  Bought the MS White Touch Mouse for $59 (member price) from Challenger today.  Pretty happy with it.  The touch gestures don’t excite me that much but the mouse does feel good & comfy to hold.  More than anything, I’m just happy to have a new toy.  […]

What Did You Say?

A colleague of mine lost 4kg recently so I’ve gotten quite used to hearing people tell him that he looks trimmer now.  Two days ago, both of us met up with some prospects for lunch.  One of these prospects used to work in one of our bank clients some years back and it’s been about […]


It’s been a long time since I’ve taken ventolin tablets. I used to have rather serious childhood asthma and the ventolin tablets i kept by my side were my lifesaver. After i grew out of the attacks, i only brought them with me when i went overseas. Just in case (the asthma attacks i had […]

Bloody slackers! Website says they close at 1230 on Sat but when i reached at 1218, the shutters were down! Bloody hell. What’s the point of publishing your opening hours on your website if you’re not going to observe them anyway? I hate it when people give inaccurate information. As brokers, even on occasions when […]

Different brokers have different way of building rapport with clients.  One things I’ve concluded recently is that taking a client out for the occasional lunch or coffee may not be that effective.  I guess a business lunch or coffee somehow has a very “arm’s length” feel to it.  As such, people tend to be more […]

I just came across this super hilarious video clip.  Myolie Wu went on this talk show & she was supposed to get someone to say “I love you” to her.  She called Kenneth Ma & the ensuing conversation was hilarious!  Watch the video here: Myolie: I’ll try to call this person. Fama & Kitty: […]


I’ve always liked watching TVB serials. I probably learnt most of my Cantonese from watching these shows. Over the years, i’ve like many actors and actresses. Sadly, many have left the station so the chances of me seeing them on TV is very low. That said, i’m really happy that in the past year, my […]

Need for Sleep

Watched till a very exciting part of The Other Truth. But i need to zzz. Need quickly finish up my work tomorrow so i can visit Pinky and come back and continue the series. Heh. to

Blast From The Past

Someone tagged almost everyone in our Sec 2 class photo. Out of curiousity, i went to see how some old classmates whom i haven’t seen in decades look. My my! I must say we still look pretty good. Well maintained bunch of ladies in their 30s

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