It’s been a long time since I’ve taken ventolin tablets. I used to have rather serious childhood asthma and the ventolin tablets i kept by my side were my lifesaver. After i grew out of the attacks, i only brought them with me when i went overseas. Just in case (the asthma attacks i had as a kid really scared me).

Over the years, i threw away all my ventolin tablets as they expired. I figured i would probably never need them ever again. Till this morning. I woke up at 5am, after 2 hours of sleep, cos i had difficulty breathing. I tried to take deep breaths but there was just too much phlegm. It wasn’t asthma cos my airway wasn’t constricted. But the phlegm was so thick, i couldn’t move it away and it made breathing difficult. I struggled to breathe/ sleep till 1045. Thought of going to Shenton Medical to see a doc (that’s my company’s appointed medical service provider) but the lazy doc left the clinic early.

In the end, i went to Guardian pharmacy to buy ventolin tablets. Took 1 in the evening and my phlegm is less thick. It’s definitely easier to breathe, though the phlegm is still covering my vocal cords so i can’t talk. Think i should start keeping some ventolin tablets in the fridge. I’ll never know when i may need them.

The throat infection’s giving me a fever too. Took a panadol & going to nap. Can’t decide if i should see my own doc tomorrow at my own cost or wait till Mon & go Shenton Medical at ORQ.

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April 2012