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Work & Passion

Went to JB for a farewell dinner for Iceman’s sister as she’s going to KL for her pre-uni studies this week.  We went to this Italian restaurant owned by a German chef.  The chef looked like he was in his late 50s but he was still doing the cooking at the stove the whole day.  […]

To Blog or Not to Blog

Very few things are secret nowadays.  Found out from a friend today that she chanced upon my blog while searching for some holiday stuff in HK.  Not that I mind her knowing ‘cos I think I did tell her about my blog about 2 years ago… but it’s a good reminder that I need to […]

010809 and 020809

I think Iceman and I will very likely to be going with Hyatt for our wedding dinner in Singapore.  Actually we’ve pretty much decided on it.  Our new coordinator, Ah Man, is working on the draft contract and will email it to us by end of the week (I told her she could take till […]

Teeth Paranoia @ Work

ARGH!  I’m going nuts!  This is really bugging me!  Was wondering why my teeth hurt soooo much when I wore my new retainers last Thurs, Fri & Sat.  (I’ve completed the entire series of aligners for the teeth so was supposed to switch to wearing retainers at night to maintain the straightness).  The teeth stopped […]

Finally caught Sex & the City over the weekend.  I’ve never seen the TV series before but I definitely like the movie a lot.  Does anyone have the VCD/DVD of the series to lend? In the movie, Carrie reads a book about great love letters and she reads a letter from Beethoven to his "immortal […]

Firefox 3.0

Just downloaded Firefox 3.0.  As Iceman said, it sure loads fast.  The url auto display in the address bar is cool too.  But… how come the menu bar looks so much like IE!?!?!?  Copycat!!!!

Don’t Wake Up the Dead

This has got to be THE best "switch off your handphone" reminder I’ve ever seen in the cinema!   Unfortunately, you need to understand Chinese to get the pun in the punchline. Else, you’ll only enjoy the slapstick humour.  Heh.

Secret Key

Ok… so I’m a WordPress + Php functions idiot.  I have no idea how all these codes work.  All I know is how to play about with the features as provided for in my yahoo domain server and get the blog to post the stuff I write. I have no idea why my WordPress version […]

What’s Wrong!!!

Oh dear… something’s wrong with either Windows’ Live Writer or my blog’s yahoo server ‘cos I can’t seem to post anything via Live Writer but yet I can post via my blog’s website? 🙁 What the heck is “parse error”???

Holier Than Thou

There’s this gal, Whisperer, in office whom we (my clique) don’t really like because she can be pretty pretentious and hypocritical. What bugs me the most is that she can on one hand sing Christian songs out loud and talk extremely loudly about church stuff and yet backstab Upsize and Bigmac by complaining to our […]

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