To Blog or Not to Blog

Very few things are secret nowadays.  Found out from a friend today that she chanced upon my blog while searching for some holiday stuff in HK.  Not that I mind her knowing ‘cos I think I did tell her about my blog about 2 years ago… but it’s a good reminder that I need to be mindful about what I post on the blog.

So I mentally went over the stuff that I’ve written and/or typically write… and concluded the most damning thing about my blog are my stories on Kid’s Meal and Smarties.  That said, those stories are real incidents so… while I suppose it might be a little unkind to publish such examples of grave ignorance on my blog… technically speaking, they can’t fault me for it?  😛

I suppose what I would be most concerned about is that I don’t publish anything that would have a material adverse impact on my job/career.  Thank God I like my colleagues (99% of them) and I get along well with my bosses.  *Phew*.  So I haven’t had the need to cuss at them virtually via this blog.  Hehe.  (Nonetheless, should you read something here that you think is inappropriate, please please do drop me a note so I can reflect and amend if necessary!)

2 Responses to “To Blog or Not to Blog”

  1. 1 BQ

    i like inappropriate stuff…

  2. 2 katrine

    I think blogs are just our opinions and people don’t have to agree with them. I think if we don’t mention full names etc, then it’s obvious we don’t have an agenda on the personal level…:)

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