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Protected: Driven vs Pragmatism

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Minions, to note

I think all minions should take note that when your boss says, “would you like to take back this document to correct it before submitting it to me for review again?”, there is only one answer. And the answer is “yes”. Because it really wasn’t a question to begin with.


Feeling bad abt telling a colleague off but also feeling annoyed that even after I said repeatedly that the client is on compliance leave and cannot work on any deals, my colleague wrote in his e-mail, “As spoken earlier…” Luckily I stopped him before the e-mail went out. Unfortunately, my reaction was a little harsh […]


Because the insurance industry is tightly regulated, my company has a rule that when a broker visits a client overseas, the broker must be accompanied by local staff. A colleague from India wrote to us about 2 weeks ago asking to visit our clients in Singapore. I don’t know why he likes to come here […]

Ignorance Knows No Bounds

I had a very disturbing conversation with a young colleague this evening… Colleague: OMG! I was going to vote for the PAP but looks like I’m going to have to change my vote! I just read this HUGE EXPOSÉ online! DID YOU KNOW that Lee Hsien Loong is the Chairman of GIC? And our Deputy […]

Delusional Desperado

This stranger just messaged me on Facebook chat. I feel so bloody offended. Does he think all Asians are mail order brides? Asshole.

Disgusting Behaviour

Received a letter from my previous company saying that i breached MAS regulations for a policy placed in 2010 and renewed in 2011 and thus they reported me to MAS. What the fark man, seriously! The misconduct, they claimed, was that i acted as a reinsurance broker when the company’s licence was only for direct […]


Way way way too much work has fallen on my plate. I know we’re extremely short-handed but the accounts distribution really isn’t very even. Too annoyed to really care anymore. Am just waiting for a complaint to come in from a client – any client – about tardy response time & poor service. Maybe then […]

Taking Over

The problem with taking over someone’s accounts or portfolio when they quit is that certain things may not have been done in the most efficient or correct way. And you can’t lay blame on the person who left without coming across as bitchy but you still have to clear the shit and hope your newly […]


An underwriter from an insurer I work closely with resigned recently. He told his soon to be ex company that he was going to be a broker but refused to say which broking firm he was joining. Too bad for him he told my client which competitor broker he was joining and it didn’t take […]

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