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Close Encounter of the 3rd Kind

Recently, a guy friend of mine shared with me that he had the same “touchy” experience like i did at the movies. He went out with this gal (a very platonic friend he swears) and she apparently got a little too close for comfort. She allegedly grabbed his arm a few times, and even leaned […]

Another Birthday Greeting!

Happy Birthday Galapogos!! Lao ma wishes u big big USD!! 😛

More Birthday Greetings

Happy Birthday to Jukebox & Gymer. Jukebox, may you always be close to Jesus and here’s wishing you every blessing He gives. Gymer, thank you for the lovely BBQ. You have been a fantastic friend and listener through the years. May you find someone that’ll bring you happiness soon. Happy Birthday guys!

4:23am. My friend just called & woke me up. I asked him why he was calling me so late. He said that he thought I would be awake ‘cos it was a Saturday. Upon hearing that, i thought perhaps he just got back to Singapore (he’s a pilot) & i reminded him that it was […]

Fly Away

Won free tickets to the F.I.R. live showcase at IMM Building, courtesy of Singnet. I’ve always liked some of their songs but was never a real fan. I was sufficiently impressed at the showcase however, to say that if they were to have a concert in SG, i would definitely consider going. I admire all […]

Mobile phones are like men…

I’ve been rather disgruntled with my Nokia 6260 smartphone. Not only is it not very smart, it’s really slow and suicidal too (keeps hanging)! Was considering selling it off, as well as my trusty 6230, and getting a 6230i in their place. Zounds pointed out that that would be a minimal upgrade… but seriously, the […]

My 3rd Regret

No worries… am not in a sad mood. Just felt that it was time to share about my 3rd regret, which is sort of like a combination of the first two… When i was in TJC, i used to IRC quite often. I used to chat quite a bit with this senior of mine, Lancer. […]

Evil UptownGal strikes again!

I just did something really really evil… i sort of tricked Adam into revealing the URL of Superman’s blog to me…. What happened was that Adam told me that Superman found my blog interesting and had a link from his blog to mine. As usual, the kaypoh part of me kicked in and i wanted […]

Birthday Greetings!

Merrily sings, “Happy Birthday to Adam, Happy Birthday to Socks, Happy Birthday to Superman… Happy Birthday to you!” 😛

Emotional Piles

Long time ago, when i was working in an insurance company, this underwriter used to comment that some agents are like piles – they never go away. I thought this analogy was really apt ‘cos agents can be real bothersome… and as underwriters, it was just so appropriate to use a medical condition to describe […]

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