Mobile phones are like men…

I’ve been rather disgruntled with my Nokia 6260 smartphone. Not only is it not very smart, it’s really slow and suicidal too (keeps hanging)! Was considering selling it off, as well as my trusty 6230, and getting a 6230i in their place. Zounds pointed out that that would be a minimal upgrade… but seriously, the 6230 has all the features that i want, except for a lousy screen resolution. Hence with the 6230i, i would have all the features i want, plus an even better camera than its predecessor, and with better screen resolution too! The only drawback is that with the 6230i, i won’t be able to log onto mobile ICQ & MSN anymore. And i’ll have to give up my wish for a flip design phone.

Zounds then recommended me the Sony Ericsson’s K750i ‘cos it purportedly has a good camera… but i found the design too manly. What caught my eye was the SE Z520i. The design is exactly the flip type that i’ve been looking for! Unfortunately, the Z520i doesn’t have expandable memory which means its MP3 function is worthless really. (

After comparing the 6230i, Z520i, K750i and so on, i can only draw 1 conclusion – mobile phones are like men… substance & looks – u just can’t have both.


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June 2005