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Once Upon a Time

Confession time. The reason why some of my posts have been password-protected is ‘cos they were about my search for a new job. Today, i’ve finally signed my new employment contract with my new co. to be, Eon, and tendered my resignation with my current co. I was rather hesitant about tendering my resignation cos […]

99.9% there

Praise the Lord! Eon* called to say they want to employ me. I’m beaming like an idiot now! Heh. I was with the recruitment guy discussing how to handle the interview with Cofrance* tomorrow when Big Mac* from Eon called. At first i asked if i could call him back in like 10mins but he […]


Have u ever taken a DISC personality test before? It’s supposed to help you understand your personality better, w.r.t your job function, hence helping u figure out if u have a good job fit or not. DISC stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. Click here if u want to know more about DISC. I […]

Waiting Game

I have bad vibes about the job with Eon. What happened this morning was this: I called B.Mac but he didn’t answer the phone. So i sent an sms saying that i’m still very keen on the job after going through the notes he gave me, as well as checking out the website. B.Mac […]


Went to Eon’s office today and collected some notes on what constitutes political risk insurance. Very interesting. Reminds me of my insurance notes in school. I’ve only read through a few pages of the notes so far and i find it pretty interesting. In the typical insurance policies that the public is exposed to (e.g. […]

Eon Called

Eon called. I was half asleep (off today) when my phone rang & i answered thinking that it was some agent who called ‘cos i have an ad in the papers today regarding condo rental. ANYWAY, it was the senior manager from Eon. He said that he was out of town the past 2 weeks […]

Understanding Myself Better

My mom told me just now that an ex-colleague of ours from AIA, who’s now working for AAA, informed her that there’s this marketing post available… and the jobscope is to market AAA’s travel insurance (not exactly a product i’ll enjoy marketing) to travel agencies. Although this is supposed to be a “marketing” position, it […]

The hunt goes on

I got an sms from the recruitment guy yesterday morning saying that Cofrance (the trade credit insurer) has shortlisted me for the last round of interview with the Biz Dev Director & the Managing Director. The interview will be held end of the month ‘cos apparently both directors are not in SG now. That gives […]


I really don’t know what i want. When it comes to jobs, i have a very short attention span… so once i get the hang of a job, i tend to get bored and want to move on. The bad thing is, my pay doesn’t quite grow with each job change ‘cos i keep taking […]

Still at #18

I said ‘no’. I turned down the offer from the property developer. The recruitment guy wasn’t happy of ‘cos. But i guess he should be used to it by now. He said it wasn’t nice, i’ve given them my word, etc, etc. But i told him better that i say no now, then to take […]

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