Understanding Myself Better

My mom told me just now that an ex-colleague of ours from AIA, who’s now working for AAA, informed her that there’s this marketing post available… and the jobscope is to market AAA’s travel insurance (not exactly a product i’ll enjoy marketing) to travel agencies.

Although this is supposed to be a “marketing” position, it sounds more like a sales type of job to me. I think i now understand what my friend meant when she said to choose a job based on its functions, not the industry it’s in.

Sigh… i guess what attracted me to the developer job initially was ‘cos it encompasses a lot more “marketing” type of work than my current job… which is a mixture of marketing and sales. But… perhaps the product i’m supposed to market doesn’t inspire me… hence i was very hesitant.

I have a clearer picture of what i want to do now… or at least a clearer picture of what i do not want. :]

Oh… i forgot to add that someone from Achieve Career called me yesterday and said she has a broking position available, and wondered if i’m still interested. (I told a colleague of hers before that i wanted to move back to insurance.) Coincidentally, i just saw her ad in Monster today.

Sent her my resume yesterday but no news from her yet… based on the salary range in the ad, i may be under-qualified for the position… maybe i should follow up with a call tomorrow to see what’s the status…

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