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Loyalty in the Corporate World

The interview on Monday went smoothly and the candidate was more or less satisfactory.  My boss left it to me to decide if I wanted to take him or not.  Spent a good part of yesterday thinking about it.  Finally, I decided that the answer was no.  The problem wasn’t with the candidate but with […]

Long Birthday Weekend Dashed

I originally wanted to take leave on my birthday (coming Mon) so I could enjoy a long weekend.  Main purpose was to just relax at home & indulge myself with hours & hours of watching TV/ DVD. Unfortunately, all plans have fallen apart.  Ok.  That sounded a bit melodramatic but I have cancelled my leave […]

Insult to my Intelligence

I met a Nigerian Australian scammer today, whose plot was so paper thin, I felt it was real insult to my intelligence.  So this old man turns up without appointment at my office and said he was looking for an insurance bond.  Our receptionist sent a management trainee from our Business Development team to speak […]

Defending Beliefs

I wanted to blog about this earlier but somehow didn’t get down to it. I’ve been a PAP supporter by and large but I’ve never really studied their policies in an in-depth manner. I never really bothered before cos their policies made sense to me so I was too lazy to give deeper thought to […]

George Yeo vs Low Thia Kiang

I still don’t understand why people would rather vote for security guards than good policy makers.

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