Long Birthday Weekend Dashed

I originally wanted to take leave on my birthday (coming Mon) so I could enjoy a long weekend.  Main purpose was to just relax at home & indulge myself with hours & hours of watching TV/ DVD.

Unfortunately, all plans have fallen apart.  Ok.  That sounded a bit melodramatic but I have cancelled my leave because:

1) 3 colleagues have resigned (jumping ship together) and I need to accompany 1 of them to a meeting with an important client on Mon to ensure she doesn’t say anything detrimental to our company,

2) We’re currently tendering for a job and though the deadline is on Fri & I have done up the first draft of the report, I need to meet an underwriter to discuss some issues & he will only be in Singapore on Mon &

3) We’ll be interviewing a candidate on Mon.

With regard to the mass resignation, all I can say is people come, people go, and it’s how you conduct yourself that matters.  Some of them have disappointed in this aspect. 

Despite the increase in workload (I think I’m taking over about 2/3 of their workload), I don’t really think that will be an issue.  I don’t think anything could be worse than the working hours I was subjected to in my first job. 

I also see an upside to this because I’m now forced to learn whole turnover trade credit.  Not that it’s difficult or anything, but I’ve always been more interested in my side of the business – political risk, structured trade credit , bonds & crisis management… and so I was never motivated to learn the specifics of whole turnover trade credit.  With this mass resignation, however, I’m quite motivated to learn the tricks of the trade so that I can excel in this area too.  After all, only my boss knows all the different products that my department handles… and once I master whole t/o trade credit, I will be the next person who knows all the products.  I think that’s quite empowering.  Haha. 

I’m also pleased to see that Meeneon is taking this positively and is also looking forward to learning something new.  I’m confident we’ll tide this over, and we’ll come out as winners.

So bring it on!  I’ve read up & familiarised myself with the policy wordings of 2 insurers (there’re 5 main insurers for this line of biz).  I intend to finish another 2 tomorrow, and the last one during the week. 

I’m very excited.

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