Loyalty in the Corporate World

The interview on Monday went smoothly and the candidate was more or less satisfactory.  My boss left it to me to decide if I wanted to take him or not.  Spent a good part of yesterday thinking about it.  Finally, I decided that the answer was no.  The problem wasn’t with the candidate but with his pay expectations.  Although my boss was willing to consider what he asked for, I felt it wouldn’t be fair to our current staff.  Reason being that even if Meeneon stayed on in the company for 3 years, I highly doubt he would get the amount of $ this candidate was asking for.  If I thus hired this candidate, I would be penalising Meeneon for his loyalty (assuming he stays 3 years) & rewarding this candidate for job hopping (this would be his 3rd job in 3 years).

I thought long & hard & eventually decided that as a matter of principle, I would rather deal with the higher workload, then to go against something I believe in, i.e., loyalty should be rewarded.  I told my boss about my thoughts today and thankfully (and coincidentally), the same thought was on his mind – that management has not been rewarding people who have stayed on with the company.

I haven’t decided where I might want to move on to next.  But I can safely say that if things do not improve come next increment, I will definitely leave the company.

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May 2011