Waiting Game

I have bad vibes about the job with Eon. What happened this morning was this:

I called B.Mac but he didn’t answer the phone. So i sent an sms saying that i’m still very keen on the job after going through the notes he gave me, as well as checking out the miga.org website.

B.Mac replied that he’s glad that i find the stuff interesting and he’ll get back to me in a few days’ time.

I then called him again but he didn’t answer.

He was on the line apparently and returned my call soon after. I said i wanted to clarify if there were 2 positions available, as mentioned by Rafi (the ED) the last time, or only 1 opening? B.Mac said there was only 1 opening – which means that both the other candidate and me are competing for the same post. Damn. The conversation then turned awkward and B.Mac went like, “So how was your weekend?” I told him that it was busy at the showflat over the weekend but i managed to read the notes in between the stuff i had to do. Conversation then ran dry. Very dry. And i ended the call by saying, “So i guess i’ll be hearing from you in a few days?” And B.Mac was like, “yes”.

Bad vibes. Bleah. Not a good way to gain affinity with your potential employer. Sigh.

Went for an inteview with AAA in the evening. It’s a biz development position. I’m OK with the jobscope… not like jumping over the moon but if the offer is good, i guess i might consider. It’s going to take quite a bit to get me out of my current job, unless i’m really interested in the jobscope ‘cos i have a very easy life at my current co. Heh. I work very few hours a week, though weekends are kinda intensive.

Ouch… my right elbow hurts. Great!!! I scraped it and i have no idea how i scraped it!!! Sheesh! I amaze myself sometimes… argh… gotta go wash it….

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