Went to Eon’s office today and collected some notes on what constitutes political risk insurance. Very interesting. Reminds me of my insurance notes in school.

I’ve only read through a few pages of the notes so far and i find it pretty interesting. In the typical insurance policies that the public is exposed to (e.g. life insurance, employee benefits, etc), there’s always a clause excluding “war & rioting”. This same clause appeared in everything that i’ve studied before in school. But with political risk, it’s like crossing over to the other side of insurance. Political risk falls in in the category that most insurers deem uninsurable. Really cool.

B.Mac asked me to spend the weekend going through the note and to let him know on Monday morning if this is my cup of tea. I asked him what happens from there and he said that he’s shortlisted 2 people for the position, me being one of them, and so both of us will be given the notes to read… and he’ll “come to a decision” early next week.

Looking at it simplistically, that’s a 50-50 chance that i’ll get the job. Or perhaps the other candidate will realise that bring political risk, bi-lateral treaties & stuff aren’t his/her cup of tea and he/she’ll pull out? Or, i could take Iceman’s suggestion and assassinate the other candidate. That’ll bring my chances up to 100%. Hmm…

Renumeration wise, B.Mac said that they’ll have no problems matching my asking… so that’s good. Now it’s just a matter of eliminating the competition…

Any assassins for hire?

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