Once Upon a Time

Confession time.

The reason why some of my posts have been password-protected is ‘cos they were about my search for a new job.

Today, i’ve finally signed my new employment contract with my new co. to be, Eon, and tendered my resignation with my current co.

I was rather hesitant about tendering my resignation cos i have no issues about my current company. Sure, there are certain colleagues who really irk the crap out of me… but they are few & far between. Most of my colleagues are friendly, helpful, and people i would like to continue keeping in touch with.

I have also grown rather attached to the condo that i’ve been in charge of since Mar 2005… and of ‘cos, many firm friendships have been formed with the agents there. In fact, the agents are one of my greatest worry as i prepare to leave. Will whoever who takes over me treat them fairly? Will the person sort out time-tabling issues properly so that everything can run smoothly?

The resignation procedure itself was rather funny. After a sales meeting this morning, i told my boss that i needed to talk to him. He thought i wanted to talk about work so he wasn’t expecting it at all.

He asked me to talk to him at his cubicle so i just went over, passed him my resignation letter, and said, “i’m tendering my resignation.”

He was like, “huh?”

So i repeated myself. “I’ll like to tender my resignation.”

I then pulled up a chair to sit next to my boss, as he opened my letter and read through it. He asked why i was tendering and i said briefly that having been from an insurance background, i hope to go back to the insurance industry.

This was where the funny part happened. He said, “ok”, and then he offered me a sweet.

No, not a sweetener to entice me to stay on, but a sweet. Werther’s Original to be exact. Hahaha. I thought that was quite amusing.

The news is starting to spread like fire… so most people in office should get to know about it soon. Well, nothing’s ever a secret in SG. Much less a not too big office like mine.

My boss also said i could go ahead & inform the developer of the condo i’m in charge of. I thought of doing it over the weekend but since the sales & mktg manager called just now, i told her about it.

She was shocked. She thought i was joining a competitor or something but i told her that i was going back to insurance. We had a nice chat on the phone and she was quite upset about me leaving ‘cos she says she doesn’t trust others to take care of Triumph (no, not the underwear) as well as i have. Haha. I’m quite happy to hear that. At least she appreciates my work!

As the HR lady from my office is on maternity leave, the Senior Manager from Finance is helping to find out when my last day would be… after off-setting leave & stuff.

Ooh… i just gotta mention this! Heh. The prophecy has been fulfilled… everytime i work at Raffles Place, i’m at Singapore Land Tower. Hehe. When i did my professional attaching during uni, i was at SLT (actually i did my attachment at the same co. i’m going to join but different dept). Then with my current job, i’m at SLT. So now with my new job, i’ll just be changing floors. Darn. If only i could like shift my stuff from my current desk to my new office… instead of bringing them home… hmmm..


Oops… the recruitment guy just sms’d back (i sent him an sms saying that i accepted Eon’s offer ‘cos he didn’t answer the phone when i called) to ask me to wait for Cofrance’s reply ‘cos they’re likely to get back by tomorrow. He said it was to my advantage… haha. I feel sorry for him. Seems like i’m the only candidate of his who got through to the final round… and whom the 2 interviewers openly expressed interest in… well, too bad. Ultimately, i think i’ll prefer the jobscope at Eon better.

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