Father & Son

pinky b4 car-ride.jpg
Pinky waiting for his ride to the clinic

Pinky went for another operation today. A pretty major one i would say. As his front incisors were overgrown again, the vet advised that it was best to have them extracted so that they wouldn’t keep cutting into his gums. The past few days, ‘cos his teeth were too long, poor Pinky couldn’t even close his mouth! He also had a lot of difficulty drinking water ‘cos the front teeth were in the way.

pinky in the car.jpg
In the car, on the way to the clinic

So i left Pinky at the vet, to have his 2 upper & 2 lower incisors extracted. Yeap. That’s 4 teeth at one go. It must have been really painful ‘cos i think Pinky cried a little – the fur around his eyes were clumpy when i saw him at night. Sigh. Poor little boy. But he was munching grass happily (he uses his molars to chew his food) just now so i guess this should be the best longterm solution. (It was either this, or hauling Pinky to the vet every month for the vet to sedate him & saw down his teeth… of which the problem would be when Pinky gets older, he won’t be able to take anaesthesia, and when his teeth grow too long, they’ll cut into his gums, and he’ll have problems closing his mouth, drinking water, eating, etc.)

pinky at the vet 2.jpg
At the clinic!

Took a cute photo of Muah Chee yesterday. He reminds me of the stingray i saw at Sentosa… haha… check it out!


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