I really don’t know what i want. When it comes to jobs, i have a very short attention span… so once i get the hang of a job, i tend to get bored and want to move on. The bad thing is, my pay doesn’t quite grow with each job change ‘cos i keep taking on completely new tasks!

Being in the “worse half” of my 20s (as Zounds calls it), i recently felt that it’s time that i settle into a career that i can do longterm. Enough of fun, enough of exploring, time to roll my up sleeves and dig deep into my chosen profession. Then the problem crops up – What industry? What job function?

Very few things would interest me greatly. Over the years, i’ve wanted to be a lawyer, to go into marketing, to join CPIB, etc. Very diverse interests so… that makes it extremely tough to decide what could be my career for life.

If i were to go back into insurance, i’m only interested in a very niche area – brokerage in trade credit insurance / political risk insurance. If i remain in property, then i guess the next step would be to join a developer (though that’s not really an option anymore). If i want to venture into marketing, would employers take me in considering i don’t really have any solid marketing background?

A friend suggested that instead of exploring jobs in term of industry, i should consider jobs by their function. But that’s kinda tough isn’t it? Things like insurance brokerage is tied closely to the industry, rather than the job function… as in… u won’t find insurance brokerage in anywhere but insurance… get what i mean?

So i’m really lost now. A door was open but i closed it myself. Another friend advised that whatever job i take, it should be one that i can work cheerfully (means no cursing & swearing even when things go wrong), and work at it with all my heart so that i can be a good testimony for God. (Now that’s a tough call!) Sigh… what to do, what to do?

Anyone wanna hire me?

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July 2006