99.9% there

Praise the Lord! Eon* called to say they want to employ me. I’m beaming like an idiot now! Heh.

I was with the recruitment guy discussing how to handle the interview with Cofrance* tomorrow when Big Mac* from Eon called. At first i asked if i could call him back in like 10mins but he said he was boarding a plane and i could probably call him back 3 hrs later so i was like… no worries, i’ll definitely take the call!

The recruitment guy was quite understanding… i excused myself and took the call outside the office. The conversation went something like this,

Me, “So… is it good news or bad news?”
B.Mac, “Good news of ‘cos!”
Me, “That’s great.”

(At this point, i was practically jumping up & down)

B.Mac, “So we’ve decided that we want to employ you. As for your renumeration, you asked for $XX to $YY right? Well, we’re prepared to give u $YY. How does that sound?

(This was when i nearly hit the false ceiling of Peace Centre)

Me, “Wow. That sounds fantastic! So where are u flying off to now?
B.Mac, “I’m flying to Jakarta…. will be back tomorrow but i won’t be able to meet u till Thur.”
Me, “Thur’s fine.”
B.Mac, “We can go through the employment contract on Thur, and if everything’s fine, we can sign on Fri.”

(By then i was thinking… wah! Still drag till Fri uh? Thur sign on the spot already lah! Mai 夜长梦多 [translated as “night long dreams more” – the more u drag, the more problems might crop up].

Me, “Sure. Will meet up on Thur then.”
B.Mac, “But we can only give u the title of Senior Account Servicing Exec…”

(I was thinking… whatever lah. Call me admin assistant also can)

Me, “No problem at all.”
B.Mac, “The reason is ‘cos u’ll be dealing a lot with banks and so if we call u a manager and u’re not familiar with the product, it might not be so good.”
Me, “I totally understand. No issues there.”
B.Mac, “But we’ll see how it goes. Probably later on, we can explore the title of Manager again.”

(As Cirrus says, call me toilet cleaner also can!!)

And we ended the conversation. Hehe. It took tons of self-control to keep a straight face when i re-entered the recruitment guy’s office to continue our talk!

Sigh… i’m still so elated. Hehe. Was shouting whoops of joy as i was driving home. Haha. But i’m still going for the interview with Cofrance tomorrow… just in case there’s any unforseen hiccups. Azure told me last week that one of her ex-colleagues was offered a job over the phone but before she signed the employment letter, the HR retracted the offer!! How horrible is that!!

Heh… just like i was once a professional contestant, i think i’m turning into a professional interviewee now. Haha. Seasoned, calm, steady, totally no sweat. My ego’s also quite boosted ‘cos AAA* wants to offer me again. Wahahaha. But no lah. I think this job with Eon will be something that i can do for a slightly longer period of time.

There’s going to be tons of stuff to study & learn… which is good for someone with extremely short attention span like me. By the time i get the hang of the ropes, it’ll prob. be like 6mths later so i definitely won’t be bored anytime soon. I also really appreciate the fact that my direct superior, B.Mac is really approachable, and his boss, the executive director is ok too. As in, thank God i can click with my soon to be bosses!

On top of that, when i look at the way this job has panned out – from how i woke up in the middle of the nite ‘cos i felt this strong urge to open the email from Jobsdb, and how i quickly rushed out my resume when i saw this job, to the whole interview process, perhaps, this job was meant to be. I hope so! I’ve always wanted to work in law… and obviously i’m not going to be a lawyer… so perhaps this is as good as it gets. 🙂 Thank God! Hallelujah!

*Names have been changed for blah blah blah…..

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