Evil UptownGal strikes again!

I just did something really really evil… i sort of tricked Adam into revealing the URL of Superman’s blog to me….

What happened was that Adam told me that Superman found my blog interesting and had a link from his blog to mine. As usual, the kaypoh part of me kicked in and i wanted to read what Superman wrote in his blog. I asked Superman this afternoon if i could have the URL but he said declined saying that some stuff were too personal. I didn’t persist and let the matter pass. Nevertheless, i must add that i was really really extremely totally deeply flattered that someone actually thought my blog was worth reading.

Then just now… as in JUST now, Adam sms’d me to ask if i’ve got the URL of Superman’s blog. I just replied, “nope”. Adam promptly logged onto the Internet and sent the URL to me. I deliberated for a while… should i go see his blog? In the end, curiousity got the better of me and i did.

Saw a short entry where Superman gave his comments about my blog. Very very pleased because it was a huge encouragement to me…*floats away to cloud 9*…. ‘cos this morning, Iceman commented that he finds it amazing how people can share about their personal problems so openly. His statement made me wonder if i should perhaps tone down on what i write… it made me question if it was wrong to blog about personal issues?

Anyway, i think i’ll keep up with this ‘cos it’s a good avenue to air my grievances & pet peeves. Oh yeah, back to Superman’s blog. Why i just gave him the nick Superman… ‘cos i’m SO impressed by the number of things he gets done! This guy is like a super athelete, plays the piano, is starting a KTV routine, dances salsa, has a good reading list, and goes on road trips?! Mind blowing! I’m totally bowled over by his new year resolutions and his progress on them. Gee… i feel ashamed at how i just keep whining about my poor grasp of traditional Chinese when i see the progress he’s made!

So i’m like totally impressed now. I found Superman! If Superman gives permission, i’ll like to do a link from my blog to his too!

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