Holier Than Thou

There’s this gal, Whisperer, in office whom we (my clique) don’t really like because she can be pretty pretentious and hypocritical. What bugs me the most is that she can on one hand sing Christian songs out loud and talk extremely loudly about church stuff and yet backstab Upsize and Bigmac by complaining to our Managing Director that they use the F-word in office.

Once, a colleague jokingly called another colleague “bitch” and Whisperer turned to look at us and went , “*Gasp* Did u just use the ‘b-word’?”. I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow in disbelief. I mean, we were really obviously just joking around. U could say the word “bitch” was more like a term of endearment but it offended Whisperer’s sensitivities nonetheless.

I get really self-righteous about people like Whisperer. I get annoyed that she has this “holier than thou” attitude. I often think to myself – if she was really that holy, shouldn’t she talk to Bigmac or Upsize on a one to one basis and tell them that she’s not comfortable with them using the occasional F-word in office? Isn’t that the Christ-like way of doing things rather than go straight to our MD to lodge a complaint?

That said, whenever I get annoyed and start feeling all self-righteous, I’m also reminded that my judgmental mindset isn’t any better than Whisperer’s “pretentious” ways. Sigh. On Sunday, my conscience was pricked when just before we broke bread for the Lord’s Supper, I saw a person that I feel extremely resentful towards and there was no peace in my heart. How do I take part in the Holy Communion when I feel resentment against a sister in Christ? Even if I deem that sister to have done me great wrong before, I need to learn to forgive, just as I ask to be forgiven.

So it isn’t Whisperer that needs to get rid of her “holier than thou” attitude. It’s me who needs to get rid of my self-righteous attitude. Much easier said than done, unfortunately.

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June 2008