Happy Days!

I’ve been happy lately.  Good mood, chirpy, energetic.  Haha.  Started a couple of days ago when i finally made peace with a friend i fell out with 2 years ago.  Obviously he’ll say it’s my fault… i guess to a certain degree it is…. but then again… it’s not really?

What happened was this (summarised version ya?).  I agreed to date him… and w/in 10min of saying that, i regretted it… ‘cos i realised that it just wasn’t right to go out with someone only ‘cos he liked u for a very long time… and u didn’t have any feelings of the romantic sort for him?

Anyway, i started avoiding him for like a week or so after that… and when we finally trashed things out, the friendship ended up in the trash too.  He hated me… and we’ve barely spoken to each other in the past 2 years.  Not even on MSN.

But a few days back, i decided to try to make peace… and i messaged him on MSN.  Started the conversation by talking about his pet dog… and the words flowed naturally.  Peace was made.

The next day, he messaged me and we chatted some more… casual stuff… a little bit of catching up, small talk and the like.  Nonetheless, it meant a lot to me.  Because it meant i finally regained an old old friend whom i’ve known since 1998.  Although i’ve never given the friendship much credit here… but… it does mean a lot to me.  So i’m really really really happy about it.

I’ve also made peace with myself recently.  Realised that sometimes, getting to know a friend over the Internet is not a bad thing… ‘cos when u can’t attach a face to the person, all that matters is the quality of the conversation.  U don’t have any pre-conceived notions about the person.  *Shrugs*.  Oh well… life is good.  I’m happy.  Really cherish our friendship, Airbus!  🙂

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