I’m very upset today. Received 2 pieces of bad news.

My GP referred me to a skin specialist ‘cos there’s this rash on my feet that just won’t go away. I’ve had the red spots (it looks like many red dots – as though the skin got pricked by many needles) on my feet off & on for 2 years plus… it gets better with medication, goes away, then comes back.

Finally, when the last round of medication failed to work, my GP decided that i should see a skin specialist.So he arranged for me to see a doc at CGH. The diagnosis? It’s not a rash. It’s pigmented purpuric dermatosis. The doc said that this is a benign condition, but it’s idiopathic (a more “atas” way of saying that the condition makes them look like idiots ‘cos they don’t know what causes it), and it’s likely to be hereditary.

Not contagious, PPD can occur at any age. There are topical creams that can alleviate the condition, but there’s no known cure for PPD. The doc also advised that increased pressure on the feet will tend to aggravate the condition – which means i should sit / lie down as much as i can.

Hence don’t go accusing me of being lazy when i refuse to stand ok! I’m excused medically.For telling me that he doesn’t know what causes the red spots on my feet and around my ankles, and that there’s no cure for it, the doc charged $75. @%&)* Ok… maybe i’m looking at the cup as “half-empty”. Well, if you wanna look at it as half-full, you can also say the term “pigmented purpuric dermatosis” costs $75. Wow. That’s an easy way for the doc to recover his medical school fees!

While at CGH, i was dealt with more devastating news. I noticed that my favourite white linen FCUK pants that i was wearing was fraying near the side of the knees!! After the doc’s appointment, i went to Eastpoint and asked a seamstress there if there was any way of mending my pants… and she said, “no”. Sniff. Another incurable condition. The stupid seamstress kept rubbing it in, “Wah.. what a waste, this pants very nice. Still looks good but use washing machine to wash is like that one.”TMD! Of ‘cos nice lah. Not nice i buy for what? So depressing… my favourite boot cut white linen pants that has served me well for the past 2 years. Sob. Such a short life span. I feel sorry for it. Not sure if my mom can stitch up the fraying parts…. i don’t mind wearing it with stitches!

To honour my white linen pants, i shall post a picture of it here… and while i’m at it, here’s also a pic of PPD in case someone you know has the same condition… save that $75 for shopping.

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