The bigger scope of things

I bought the new Nokia 6280 last night! I’ve been eyeing this phone for a couple of months now and when it was launched over the past weekend, i grabbed it ‘cos Singtel had a special promotion – $220 cheaper than the other telcos! Managed to trade in my 6230i for $270 (Wywy shop) so i only had to pay $278 for the new hp!

The phone was great. I love the fact that it’s running on the series40 OS ‘cos symbian OS sucks. The phone’s pretty nifty & there’s no lag when you browse through the various menu functions. The 2.0megapix camera is also great… but the flash so-so only.

Now here’s the warning that everyone better heed!! After i got home last night, i excitedly downloaded the latest Nokia PC Suite (v6.7) from the website and tried to sync the contacts from my old hp, that was backed up on my computer, into this new hp. The contacts got transferred perfectly. Confidence bolstered, i attempted to transfer my calender items from my pc to my hp… and the program hanged!! It hanged while sync-ing the 14th calender item!! This also resulted in my hp getting hanged & no matter what i tried, my hp refused to boot up after that!

Resigned to the state of my new hp, i went to bed & decided to pop down to Nokia Care Centre the next day (i.e. today). I had to go back to Parkway tonight anyway ‘cos the young chap who served me at the Wywy shop forgot to take the IMEI sticker from the hp box to attach to my recontract application form.

Nokia took close to 2 hours to “fix” my hp. But after the “fixing” i realised that the calculator function in the hp was missing!! Good grief! Do u know how important it is to have a calculator functionin your hp when you’re doing property sales!?! I tried to sync hp with my pc too and that didn’t work either. The error message said something about the PC Suite not supporting the model of my hp (what the *@%!#^??), and to switch off and on the phone again ‘cos the PC Suite setting files were missing.

Wah lau… i think the stupid people at Nokia installed the wrong OS for my phone lor. They probably just dumped another series40 OS inside the hp. How crappy can u get right? Oh i forget… it’s Nokia…. last year, they made me go back to the service centre 6x with multiple problems before i got fedup & demanded that they did a one to one exchange.

Anyway, i rushed back to Parkway again…. but the queue at the Nokia Care Centre was ridiculously long. (Speaks volumes about their QC right?). So i went to the Wywy shop again and asked the nice young chap if there was any chance for them to do a 1 for 1 exchange for me. I asked him, “What if i’m a nasty customer who’s making a lot of noise, and scaring away all your other customers? Will your manager swop phones for me?”

The boy said that his manager might… so he called his manager and said that i was a “very frustrated customer” who was making a lot of noise about how my hp konked out w/in 24hrs & that i was demanding a 1 to 1 exchange ‘cos my hp just got worse after Nokia laid their hands on it. After some persuasion on his side, his manager agreed. Heh… i could hardly control the beam on my face.

Part of the reason why this 1 to 1 exchange was allowed was ‘cos in that young boy’s haste last night, he not only forgot to attach the IMEI sticker to my recontract form – he also forgot to stamp his company’s stamp & date of purchase on my warranty card. As a matter of fact, my warranty card was completely blank! Haha.

Anyway, the kind young chap helped me do a swop and the 2nd phone works perfectly. *Fingers crossed*. Actually when my hp konked out last night, i was pretty calm and not pissed off as i usually would be? It’s like somehow i felt that there was a reason why the young chap forgot to attach my IMEI sticker to the recontract form.

I’m not saying that God allows such things to happen so that we can get free swopping of hp. Just that i feel that sometimes we want things to run so perfectly that we stress ourselves out when in actual fact, you just need to take a step back & take things as they come. U never know… sometimes a “bad” thing may turn out “good” in the end.

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