End of DBS Saga

Got another call from DBS Call Centre a couple of days back.  A guy named Chester called to say that my "feedback" was referred back to them by the Customer Care Dept.  Chester asked me some really basic questions to verify my information – my full name and NRIC (which is really silly ‘cos given that my wallet was stolen, this information would’ve been easily obtained by the thief right?  Moreover, Chester called my on my office line… which is the contact no. that i left in my complaint email to DBS.  Shouldn’t DBS have called the no. in my phone records with the bank?  That would definitely add some weight that i was the original card holder right?  Since DBS was soooo concerned about "verifying my details".  Duh?!)

Anyway, Chester said that the bank will arrange to have a replacement ATM card sent to me.  However, $5 will be deducted from my account balance.  I flatly refused.  I asked Chester – why should i be paying for this replacement card, when no other banks have this practice?  After all the hassle i’ve been put through, i don’t see ANY good reason for me to pay that $5.  Moreover, it wasn’t as though i dropped the card.  I lost the card through an act of theft!  So why should i pay this stupid $5?

Chester said that if the card was lost because of "an act of crime", DBS can waive the $5.  (He was very insistent on the phrase "act of crime").  I told him i had a police report.  However, if he was familiar with police reports, he would know that a report about a petty theft does not contain the phrase "act of crime".  So this stupid argument ding dong-ed back and forth.  In the end, i told Chester if DBS was not going to waive the $5, i will just cancel my account.  Chester checked with his superiors and apparently, DBS was deadset against waiving that $5.  So i told Chester not to bother with the stupid replacement anymore.  I will go down to DBS/ POSB and cancel the account.  The account was of no use to me anyway – DBS’ online banking features suck, and the security token i need to carry around in order to use the online banking makes the whole login process so troublesome.

I thought that was the end of it – DBS lost a customer because of its dumb procedures… but what’s the big deal right?  What does my $200 balance matter to DBS?  (Of course if the bank’s stupid procedures cost them $200 x 100,000 customers or something, then perhaps it will sit up and take notice.)  Whatever the case, i was fed up.  Was not going to waste another second of my time on it.

However… 10min after i ended the call with Chester, i got another call from DBS.  This time it was from the Customer Care Dept.  Some lady named Josephine noted from their internal system that my $5 waiver request was rejected by DBS.  She sounded flustered / panicky… kept apologising, and offered to waive my $5.  I told her i was going to cancel my DBS a/c because i was fed up of all the hassle i had been put through.  She asked if it was ok with me if she went ahead to waive the $5, and arrange for a replacement ATM card to be sent to me.  I told her to "please go ahead" and so i’m now waiting for a new DBS ATM card again.

Heh.  Wonder what brought the change of heart in DBS.  Perhaps someone finally realised how stupid they were… or got concerned that i was going to sent another complaint email.  Hehe. Anyhow, let’s see if this darn ATM card is going to reach me.  I’m counting the days till it arrives…

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