Much Ado About Nothing

First day at Eon… dragged myself out of bed at 7am in the morning. The amazing thing sparked my mind off early in the morning such that i didn’t snooze longer, was that my phone rang at 6:59am… and when i got out of bed to answer the call, the phone stopped ringing and the clocked ticked 7am. I was like huh? Who was calling me so early in the morning? I checked my call log but it was from an unknown number. Wow. I was intrigued. Twilight zone at 7am in the morning?

Kept thinking about it as i brushed my teeth, and got dressed for work. Then the phone rang again. Gasp! It was from an unknown no. again!!

“Hello? Hello?”

There was silence on the other end… just a little cackling sound in the background.

Then i heard a voice, “Girl uh, did u call me?”

Chey… it was my dad… calling from Cambodia. Told him i didn’t call him… turned out that my mom dialled his no. by mistake when she was trying to do the call divert to her hp. *Rolls eyes*

After dressing up, i went downstairs to feed the bunnies but my mom had already woken them up & gave them their breakfast. Horlicks wasn’t too pleased. She was sprawled sideways on the floor, still in deep concussion. Pinky was hopping about wondering why he was woken up so early… but when he realised there was nothing special happening, he got fedup & threw himself on his side & joined his mom in deep slumber. Muah Chee didn’t even bother to take his morning run. It was too early… and he laid at his favourite hideout to snooze. Peanut was awake but she was lying down too. Same for Coffee…eyes opened but brain still in dreamland. Sigh… my bunnies & me – we aren’t morning beings.

Reached Raffles Place at 8:30am… wasn’t sure what time i could go for lunch so i wolfed down some bee hoon & milo. Reached Eon punctually at 8:45am but the HR lady told me that there was another new gal joining the company today so we had to wait for her before they would start the briefing. Waited I did… all the way till 9:25am! Wah piang… i was so bored ‘cos i was in the meeting room alone! I surfed the Net using my hp, read blogs, came on MSN, and flooded the Singtel sms network. Sheesh. Which idiot comes to work late on the 1st day right?? Wah liew. But i found out in the end that it wasn’t her fault lah. Her boss wanted to clear up his desk for her to sit so he told her to come at 9:15am or later… no earlier… and apparently the gal was a little moronic ‘cos she said she was also standing outside the door, waiting for someone to open it for her. DUH! There’s a doorbell lor! Door locked, press doorbell lah! Never use doorbell before uh? *Rolls eyes again*

The rest of the day went by pretty uneventful… oh, except i think i met almost everyone i know working in Raffles Place today. Went down for a breakfast introduction thingy with my dept and i met my ex-boss and a colleague. During breakfast, another 2 ex-colleagues came & sat at the next table. Then a senior from sec sch & NTU walked past us and it turns out she’s with an insurance co. too so my dept people know her as well. (REALLY coincidental since this is the 1st time i’ve seen her at Raffles Pl.) During lunch with some of my new colleagues, i met a friend from salsa… and going back to my new office after lunch, i saw another 2 colleagues from my old office… and when i went down to get my barang barang from my ex-colleague, i saw another friend in the building! Seriously! I’ve been working in Raffles Place since Mar last year and i’ve never met so many people i know in one day! Heh.

Didn’t do any real work… read more notes, sorted & cleaned out my desk. (It’s double the size of my old desk. Whoopee!) Not sure how i’m going to cope in this new job. Will definitely have a lot of learning to do. Apart from my boss, there’s 2 other colleagues in the same dept as me now. All very friendly & helpful people. Eon’s management / administration is also very very efficient. My namecards were delivered today (perfect timing ‘cos we’re meeting the underwriters from Cofrance for some after work drinks thing on Tue night… yes, Cofrance… the co. i went for interview before… hehe), my nameplate was set up at my seat, my network login / email / intranet passwords were all working, and my access card, access pin, toilet key, etc, were also given to me.

I was even given a company cup ‘cos (in the dept’s secretary’s words), “the company finds that there may be certain health risks if staff keeps drinking from the styrofoam cups in the pantry”. Hence, we’re all given an Eon cup to use! How touching! *Sniff*. I guess this also saves costs for the company, and it’s environmentally friendlier too! And have i mentioned the pantry yet? (Actually the pantry’s pretty much the same as when i did my attachment in Eon in 2000… except that it slipped my memory till today). There’s this nice little kitchenette-like room that houses the coffee machine, biscuits (Self-service! The biscuit tins miraculously refill by themselves!), tea, milo, and other beverages are available for all staff. How impressive! 🙂 U know, when i was doing my attachment, i was always too shy to eat the biscuits. Now, i’m back with a vengeance! Muahahaha!

What bliss (before the real work kicks in). Wanted to take a photo of my nice big desk but didn’t want to appear so sua ku on my 1st day of work. Haha. Will take a photo of the pantry too if i can! Muahahaha!

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