Why Choose?

Hehe… more geeky updates from me. I recently bought both the Canon Ixus 60 digicam, as well as the Nokia N73 hp! (Feeling really broke now). I didn’t do as much research into which digicam to buy this time, as compared to 2 years back when i compared reviews online and so on. Basically, i trusted my friend on his recommendation, did a bit of reading about the Canon Ixus 60, and bought it.

The buy has thrilled me so far. The camera is small, compact & fits comfortably in my bag. I didn’t get any camera case for it ‘cos it fits nicely into my hp pouch! What i love best about it is the shutter speed. Ok… that may seem like a stupid reason since in this day & age, most digicams would take a photo in the blink of an eye… but u’ve got to understand. The last digicam i had, the Nikon Coolpix 3700, was sooo slow in taking photographs, that even my Nokia 6280 hp beat it! I could never capture shots of my bunnies with the Nikon 3700 ‘cos by the time the camera focused & snapped, my bunnies would have like lapped me a few times & went off elsewhere to rest.

Hence, i’m really pleased with the Canon Ixus 60. I’m still experimenting with it… so some of the shots in Bangkok didn’t turn out so great ‘cos shots that looked ok on the camera screen, when transferred to my pc, turned out a lot darker. Instead, it was the shots that seemed too bright on the camera screen that was ok on my pc. But it’s ok… i didn’t take anything scenic in Bangkok anyway. It was a good experiement.

Hehe… other than the digicam, i also bought the Nokia N73. This definitely wasn’t a purchase based on logic. I compared reviews online and even fiddled around with the N73… the Sonyericsson K800i definitely has a better camera…. and the phone’s a lot faster than the laggy Symbian Series 60 that the N73 runs on. But what to do? I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. People don’t buy things based on logic right? They buy based on emotions right? As long as they feel shiok, they’ll buy. Yay! That proves i’m human.

Lagginess aside, i’m also pretty satisfied with my phone. There are 2 browsers provided for in the phone… this normal one that comes with most phones… as well as this Nokia browser. Now, the Nokia browser is real cool. It loads my website exactly as how it looks on the pc. (But u have to scroll left, scroll right, in order to see the entire page lah). But it’s damn cool right? The mesage i posted in my messageboard? It was done via my N73!! The only drawback was that i couldn’t scroll within the messageboard using the hp. But it’s ok… hehe… the browser is cool enough for me. Google searches load pretty fast & i can get info from the Net that i need, while on the move! I even checked my emails from BKK (hope the charges aren’t too high!) using the hp.

Another really cool software i’m using on the N73 now is MSN messenger. I’m using the Agile messenger that can connect to both ICQ & MSN. Used this a couple of years ago when i had the Nokia 6260, (That is a REALLY lousy phone. Don’t EVER get it!) and i sort of remember that after i sold off that hp, Agile Msgr started charging for their IM… but surprise surprise! It’s free now! Hehe. I’m not complaining. 😛

I also downloaded this other freeware, eMSN to test… but it’s really bad. In order to log on, u have to like go through 4-5 pages of ads by sponsors. Bleah! Damn crap! And the interface is lousy too. I used it on both my Nokia 6280, as well as the current N73… really not worth the effort.

So far, i’ve found only 1 bug on the N73… the address book. There’s an option to display contacts by “First Name, Last Name” but no matter how u select that option, it won’t get saved. Sigh. Not that it really matters i guess ‘cos the way the search results are displayed is different. Say i’m looking for Pinky Soo. In the usual Nokia address books, all u have to do is key in “p”, and all the names starting with P will appear. Then if u type “pi”, it’ll jump to Pinky (assuming Pinky’s the only name starting with ‘pi’ in the add book). However, for the N73, if u key in “pi”, it’ll display a list of contacts with the letters “pi” in it… e.g. Pinky, Ping Pong, Su Ping, etc.

I wouldn’t say this search feature is better or worse than the previous ones… it’s just different. It’s annoying when i need to find a friend, who used to be like the first name amongst all my “K” contacts… and now she’s shifted to the 4th name…. but it’s useful when i want to find a client that i named T12-34 Daren (for example), and i juz have to key in “Dar” and his name appears… get what i mean?

Another bad thing about the N73 is that the back cover is quite prone to scratches. If u’re like me – and u always place your hp on tabletops, then be prepared for it to have fine scratches. I’m ok with it ‘cos my hps never remain with me for very long anyway. Haha. I’ll prob. sell it off b4 it gets too wrecked. (BTW, i managed to sell the 6280 for $320! Hehe. Profit!).

There u have it! Hehe… the latest gadgets to join UptownGal’s arsenal of “geekgetry”. Here are some photos taken with my new gadgets. 🙂 (Saw this rockyou.com thing on Whiskey Sprite’s homepage… it’s cool… but takes awfully long to upload the pics! *Pants*)

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  1. 1 Iceman

    I think what you are referring to is shutter lag and not shutter speed.
    Tp put it simple, shutter speed is the time it takes for the shutter to open and close. Shutter lag is the time it takes from the moment you depress the shutter release button to the point the shutter opens.

  2. 2 Iceman

    sorry typo…
    I mean To put it simply

  3. 3 uptowngal

    Ya, shutter lag then. Hehe. Or in my context, bunny-taking speed!

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