Warring States

Side gate seperating Horlicks & Pinky’s backyard from No Man’s Land.

The side of my house and the backyard have been sectioned off into 4 different areas so the different rabbits can roam freely within their territories. Muah Chee & Peanut stay in the 1st section, which is at the start of the side yard. There’s a fence that seperates their territory from the frontyard. This is to prevent them from running into the frontyard ‘cos that’s where all the cars are parked… don’t want no squashed rabbits!

Between MC & Peanut’s territory is a waist-high side gate (it’s one of those child-safety gates to prevent kids from falling down staircases) and on the other side of the gate is Coffee’s territory. We don’t let Coffee & MC come into contact ‘cos Coffee has this masochistic tedency of wanting to wrestle with MC, only to get pinned to the floor by the bigger MC. (This is not to say that MC stays injury free… Coffee often scratches & yanks out MC’s fur, before MC pins him down to the floor in self-defence.)

So Coffee’s territory is Section2. Usually, we let Peanut into Coffee’s territory to keep him company. They’re great friends really. And MC sleeps most of the day so he’s fine alone. In the evenings, my dad will usually tell Peanut to “go MC there” and she’ll obediently run to the door and wait for my dad to let her into MC’s territory. Then she’ll hop around with MC or go back into their shared cage to rest. She’s the most politically neutral bunny i have.

On the other side of Coffee’s territory is Section3, a.k.a. No Man’s Land. (Or rather No Bunnies Land). This small area doesn’t belong to anybunny. This is ‘cos the fence that separates Coffee’s territory and this No Man’s Land is pretty low and if Horlicks gets into this area, she sometimes jumps over the fence, into Coffee’s territory and the WWF championship kicks off in my side yard.

Seperating the No Man’s Land and Section4 (which is actually the entire backyard) is a proper gate. This gate was installed by my dad so that when my former maid (we don’t have a maid now) was doing the laundry in the backyard, she wouldn’t have to worry about being taken by surprise by any intruder that climbs into my house. (Sounds paranoid but my house has been called Alcatraz before…)

Horlicks & Pinky stay in the backyard (i.e. Section4). Very lucky bunnies ‘cos they have the biggest area to roam around, race, and play in. This afternoon, a now almost fully recovered Pinky managed to sneak into No Man’s Land when my dad opened the side gate to enter the backyard. My dad wanted to retrieve Pinky from No Man’s Land but Horlicks was watching the side gate, biding her time till it opened so that she could sneak out as well. Unable to get Horlicks away from the side gate, my dad had no choice but to leave Pinky in No Man’s Land.

Poor Pinky. He was stranded there for a few hours i think!! ‘Cos by the time my dad informed me that Pinky was out there alone, it was 8:20pm and when i went to let him in, the poor boy dashed to Horlicks’ cage! I think he was controlling his pee for a very long time… and in his exuberance upon seeing the litter tray, he peed just outside the cage instead. Sigh. Didn’t have the heart to smack him.

Little Pinky was also starving. He chomped down all the leftover grains in Horlicks’ food tray at amazing speed. U would have thought we don’t feed him enough! I carried Pinky and locked him back into his own cage and the little boy didn’t protest by biting on the grilles this time. He was too happy to see the fresh pellets & hay in his own cage. (MC & Peanut share this huge 3ft cage, then Coffee has his own 2.5ft cage, Pinky stays in a 2ft cage, and Horlicks has her own 2.5ft cage.)

Anyway, i’m just very grateful that Pinky is back to normal. When he was sick, i actually laid hands on him and prayed for his recovery ok! I sayang little Pinky the most so i always get extremely worried when there’s anything wrong with him. So praise the Lord! Pinky’s good again. 🙂

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