Stupid No Cure

A tenant threatened legal action against me today. What happened was this. His lease ended on 7 May 2006 and when the developer took over the apartment, they found that there was standing lamp missing as per the inventory list signed last year. The tenant, Puerile Downs then said that there never was a standing lamp in the apartment and that i, as the developer’s agent had said that i would change the inventory list for him.

So the developer rang me to ask me about this. I told them that i handed over the apartment to Puerile Downs a year ago and after having closed nearly 30 rentals and doing the handover for all of them, i really cannot remember what transpired that day. However, usually when i find something wrong in the inventory list provided by the developer, i would amend the mistake & have both the tenant and myself countersign the amendments. Moreover, if i really said that i was going to have a new inventory list done up for him, why didn’t he chase me for it in the last 12 months?!?

After hearing my side of the story, i believe the developer told him that they were going to deduct the cost of the standing lamp from his security deposit with them and so Puerile Downs called me today. I repeated what i said to the developer to him and he got very mad. I told him that i’m not saying that he stole the lamp, but it is a fact that i cannot remember what happened 1 year ago!! His tone started to get more aggressive and i got a little fed up so i asked him – if i said i was going to give him an inventory list, why didn’t he ask me for it since it’s been 12 months since we handed the unit to him??? He claimed that he called me before to remind me but i have totally no recollection of that. I told him that i looked through all the correspondence i saved and nothing inside mentioned about changing of an inventory list.

Puerile Downs got really mad and so he threatened legal action against me. I told him to go ahead. Duh! I’ve seen him a couple of times around Triumphant and i’ve even spoken to him a few times over late payment of rental, and not ONCE did he mention about this changing of inventory list. In fact, the developer and him communicated several times because of his late rental payment, as well as the replacement of a defective window pane in his apartment… and even with all this happening, he didn’t mention about this inventory list?!? U gotta be kidding me right?

Anyway, before i could get more details from Puerile Downs, he hung up the phone. So i thought, fine – if u want to be rude, go ahead. I can’t be bothered. Hey… we sold the penthouse today and i’m mighty pleased with this milestone!

5 minutes later, Puerile Downs called me again. This time, he let loose a tirade of insults. He said that he was “disgusted” with the “whole lot of you”, that he’s “lost all respect”, that we’re a bunch of “good for nothings”, and that he’s “paid money for nothing because no work was done”. This time, i got cheesed off so i said, “Fine, if that’s what you think. Thanks for your call, bye!” and i hung up the phone.

Eh hello, Mr. I-am-so-upper-crust angmoh, i didn’t earn a cent from you ok? If your agent was lousy, which i know she was since she dumped you the minute the deal was closed, that’s none of my problem. Besides, even if it was really MY fault, and i SOMEHOW forgot to give u a new inventory list, and u didn’t complain about it in the past 12 months u were shaking your ass in the apartment, then who’s the idiot here? As far as i are concerned, my ass is covered because it’s down in black & white that you signed for a standing lamp lor!! I can only say one thing…

Stupid No Cure.

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