The Wedding Banquet

Acorn’s wedding dinner was tonite. We all had a gay (happy) time. During the dinner tonight, there was a video recap of some of the torture Acorn’s “brotherhood” was put through at the bride’s home yesterday, in order to get the bride. I was an eye-witness to the torture actually. A brief rehash of what transpired…

I went over to his wife-to-be’s (let’s call her Mrs Acorn till i can think of something more appropriate) house in the morning about 8:50am. Some of the other gals from my cellgrp were there too. We were supposed to be part of the jie mei contingent but we promised e guys that we wouldn’t tekan them ‘cos Mrs A had this bunch of “evil sisters” (vicious sisters might be more apt!) from ACJC who had meticulously thought of ways to inflict extreme pain on the guys. Let me give u some examples of e persecution the brotherhood went through.

Gate tekan

  • Acorn & 3 “brothers” were made to wear disposable underwear outside their suit… and jog around the neighbourhood park opposite Aura’s house. Was told later that the disposable underwear even had drawings of e male genitalia…
  • Acorn & at least 4 other bros had a section of their legs waxed…
    Made to drink vinegar (suan1), some sweet stuff (tian2), blended bitter gourd (ku3), eat chilli (la4).
  • Usual bargaining of $

Staircase tekan

  • More bargaining of bride price.
  • Made to do song (I Believe in Miracles) & dance item outside Mrs A’s room
  • Acorn was asked to compose a poem about random items taken from Aura’s room – a chair, a hairdryer, a plastic drumstick, an abacus, and a Pri. 6 Maths text bk. Acorn did well to his credit. His poem went something like that:

When you sit on your chair
And blow dry your hair
It gets me all excited
And makes my heart beat
Like when i do my Math syllabus
With the help of the abacus
It makes me want to munch on chicken wing
And a song to sing.

Something like that lah… heh. Then he gave a final angbao & was allowed to see his bride. Hehehe. Looking at the works of e evil sisters, i think our cellgroup gals gave NParker an easy time last year man…

Some of Acorn’s childhood buddies also gave a witty songs presentation about Acorn’s growing up years. The singing was excellent (as usual).

After the dinner, we were told that the evil sisters were going to ambush the couple in their bridal suite. Oh boy… i sure hope they didn’t tekan them too badly tonight…

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