Sentimentalism vs Materialism

Spedia never replied my email. I ran some checks on the Internet and came across this site – Seems to me that Spedia has crapped out. I apologize to Musicman and anyone else who signed up for this. Previously, there were people (friends of mine) who got the cheque but i think the company’s a scam now. Please do NOT sign up with Spedia!

Did a check on Netbux too. So far no bad rep. Heh.

Left my blue rabbit handphone sock in the toilet at Wisma Atria today! :'( Was holding 2 envelopes, my bag, and my hp when a call came in… so i chucked the hp sock on the toilet paper holder and i forgot to take it when i left the toilet! ๐Ÿ™ Gotta go look for another one… and i want an identical one! ๐Ÿ™

Was mulling over this the whole time i was on my way to Simei. Immediate thought was to go to Eastpoint shopping centre to look for an identical hp sock. Searched through the place but i couldn’t find the same one… there was one with the same design, but it was in grey, not blue. Sigh. So upsetting. I think my bad habit of being overly sentimental is back. I tend to place too much affection and feelings on my soft toys and almost all inanimate object that i own. It irks me when i see people ill-treating soft toys, or not taking proper care of their things.

Sigh… i think that’s how i started accumulating so much “rubbish” (my mom thinks its rubbish) in my bedroom. I even have this old Palm IIIc that my friend & i won in a contest in 2001 and it was given to me. Even though i don’t use the Palm IIIc anymore, now that i have my Tungsten E, i still can’t bear to give, throw, or sell it away.

Over-sentimentalism is also probably the reason why i carry some really old photos with me in my wallet… i have photos of Iceman, Qingfu, Singnet friends and some other special friends in my wallet. All the photos were taken during times that make up some of the happiest moments in my life – JC days, special occasions, etc. I’m not so close to some of the friends in the photos anymore. But i thank God that i ever spent happy times with them and i guess sometimes, it’s the memories that count.

Sigh… unfortunately, one cannot survive on sentimentalism alone. Today, a friend asked me to check out this search engine that promises to pay you when you use its services to do a search. Curious, I went to sign up for it as well. If you’re keen on earning a bit of pocket money like me (once again, i’m slaved to my car even before i see it…), do sign up at ya? Hope you can sign up under my id so i can earn that little bit of referral points!

After signing up for the above, i recalled that many years ago, when i was working in Singnet helpdesk, i once signed up for this programme called Spedia and basically it runs ads on a bar that u can dock anywhere on your screen. As long as you’re actively surfing, Spedia will clock points which you can eventually exchange for money.

I also remember that someone i recommended Spedia to actually got a USD30 cheque – something like that right Zounds? Thus, since i’m on this expedition to earn more money now, i went to check out my Spedia account… and lo & behold! My account’s still alive! And i actually have USD47 unclaimed from 2001! I followed the instructions to the page to request for a cheque to be sent to me… but i couldn’t find the button! ๐Ÿ™

Nevetheless, i’ve written in to them to request for them to send a cheque to me and i believe they will honour their word. After all, i DO know of someone who got a cheque before! Ok… so if anyone’s keen on earning this money too, please sign up at okie?

Oh cool… just went to check… big thanks to Musicman for signing up under me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you, thank you! ๐Ÿ˜›

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