Star Wars Episode III

Some observations after watching Starwars Epi III last night (movie ticket was courtesy of Astronaut. Thanks Astro!)

1) Mace Windu would not have been murdered.

Did you see the number of spaceships that were flying to & fro outside the window when Mace fell off the building? Gosh! If it was Singapore, every driver would have stopped and gawked, ‘cos they want 4D numbers. You can be sure his assailant would never go scot-free thanks to the number of witnesses.

2) It pays to be short

I think I may have to revise my criterion about being short too. Yoda was really cool in the movie. Know the reason why he was “indestructible”? That’s ‘cos he’s short! His lack of height made him an extremely difficult target to shoot. (Maybe we should have a maximum height limit for our Cabinet ministers in future…security reasons.)

3) Xiang Long Shi Ba Zhang

No – I’m not referring to some chap named Xiang Long picking up a dumpling. I’m referring to the Chinese kungfu skill (as immortalised in Jin Yong’s novel, Tian Long Ba Bu). The Force must be of oriental origin… u saw how the Jedis, as well as the Lords of the Dark Side use their internal strength & blasted each other?

4) George Lucas’ favourite haunt in Singapore

If George Lucas ever came to Singapore, I sure know where to take him shopping – Mustafa Shopping Centre… wahahahahah.

OK. That’s enough nonsense for today. I need to go nurse my poor big toe nail… stupid rabbit (Tangyuan) of mine… bit my toe nail & scratched my 1 day old pedicure… Grrr…. *angry*….


Fans of Star Wars, check out – I like the “cameos”… especially the one by E.T. 😉

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