Browsers for Nokia

I’ve always been very satisfied with how the default Nokia browser displays webpages. They render well and columns usually get resized nicely such that i don’t have to scroll left and right while reading a webpage. What i don’t like, however, is that the browser doesn’t display webpages in full screen by default. I thus decided to explore other mobile browsers and here’s what i found.

I downloaded Opera Mobile 10. Webpages are displayed in full screen by default and there’s a small icon on the bottom right of the screen to pull up the menu buttons. I love this feature. Unfortunately, with the exception of Gmail, webpages do not render as well as Nokia’s default web browser. The pages also take longer to load. Opera makes use of the phone’s Flash programme which means that certain Flash websites are not viewable. A useful function of the Opera browser is that u can copy and paste selected text and page URLs.

I next tested Skyfire, the browser made popular by Windows mobile phones. Pages load the fastest with Skyfire. Another great point is that Skyfire has inbuilt Flash support and is able display some Flash videos that can’t be played by Nokia’s web browser and Opera browser. Not sure of the reason why though. That said, webpages sometimes don’t look as pleasant as compared to the Nokia browser. The pages also do not get displayed in full screen, though the small icons are a mitigating factor.

I haven’t done enough tests to decide which browser i like best but it appears that i’m going to have to keep all 3 and use them for different purposes.

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