Au Petit Salut

Went to Au Petit Salut for dinner last night.  I had the french onion (a little bland once the cheese on top is finished), the seabass (very tasty) and the warm chocolate cake (delicious but nothing outstanding).  The meal came up to $61, paid for by an underwriter.  Heh.  We also had wine but I’m not sure how much that cost.  I suppose the price isn’t too bad if you take into account the nice ambience and atmosphere of the restaurant.  The service was pleasant too.

Unfortunately, after I got home, my stomach started hurting. Went to the loo 3x and it was still hurting when I went to sleep… it wasn’t like diarrhoea (i.e. runny stools)… just A LOT of pain.  Sigh.  My stomach was still rumbling when I woke up this morning.  Had to make another trip to the loo though the trips to the toilet stopped after I downed 2 bottles of po chai pills… or maybe I just ran out of things to poop.

Anyway, my tummy’s rumbling again after lunch!  Argh.. I hope it settles down soon… it’s really… quite noisy.  *Grroo Grroo*

Sigh.. wonder if the tummy upset was caused by the food at Au Petit Salut… or was it the nuts / mojito I had at POSTbar (Fullerton hotel).  Bleah.

(Sorry, no photos ‘cos my client, my boss and the underwriter were also at the dinner… would’ve been a bit 丢脸 to take photos).

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