I Love Efficient Lunches!

Met Azure for lunch below her office yesterday and was reminded that I love the feeling of walking at my usual brisk pace.  I walked from Raffles Place to China Square Central for lunch, then to Arcade Shopping Centre to buy 4D, and then stopped by the ice-cream uncle below my office to dabao dessert, and got back to office in 55min.  It felt great breezing past everyone as I walked.

Decided to do another “efficient lunch” today.  Left my office at 12:08pm, went to check out dresses at Fond at Chevron House, then took the MRT to Raffles City, browsed quickly through Topshop, Warehouse and eventually bought a dress from Esprit, then came back to OUB Centre to dabao lunch and got back to office at 1:01pm.  Shiok.

The only thing I didn’t get to do was pay my OCBC credit card bill at the AXS machine.  Don’t know why only 1 AXS machine at Raffles Place accepts UOB ATM cards and rest only accept DBS/POSB and I don’t have those.  :(  The queues were horrendously long too… guess I’ll just pay the bill tonight.

I should do this “efficient lunch” more often.

P.S. The mee sua kueh that Booze Queen loves is DELICIOUS!  The bits of ingredients in it is sooooooooo yummy!  (Bought from Dily’s at the basement of OUB Centre)

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  1. 1 BQ

    my recommendation is good right…
    tat mee sua kueh is cheap and good!!

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