Adult Ballet

I’ve always wanted to take ballet lessons again but it’s not been easy finding suitable classes for adults.  I’ve searched online off and on over the years but never found anything credible (please don’t ask me to sign up with some half past six school).  Anyway, my latest search 10min ago gave me hope!  Looks like both SDT and YMCA offer ballet classes for adults.  SDT’s new classes (I mean, how can anyone go wrong with Singapore Dance Theatre right?), unfortunately, won’t start till Jan 2010.  So I sent an e-mail to YMCA to find out when their new classes are starting… I’m quite keen to join them asap.  Based on their criteria for their classes, I would be between an Elementary 1 & 2, I think… ‘cos… Elementary 2 requires one to be able to execute a clean single pirouette… so I got off my chair & tried.  I can do a clean single pirouette on my right leg… but not my left.  Hahahaha… but I guess I’m willing to practice hard as long as there’re classes available.

I also found a forum with folks discussing about adult ballet classes… and to my horror, these “adults” were aged 13-18.  Duh?!  Well, I guess I have to mentally prepare myself to be the oldest student in any adult ballet class… but it’s ok.  I’ll make sure this 30-year old woman puts those youngster to shame!  Muahahahahaha…..

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  1. 1 BQ

    YMCA’s criteria is super funnie.. ehahahaha
    my big auntie is taking adult ballet.. she is 60 years old.. u can be the youngest in their class.. ahehahhaa

  2. 2 UptownGal

    is she with YMCA? heehee… mai lah… sekali ur big auntie put me to shame how?

  3. 3 BQ

    she’s not with YMCA.. i forgot the name of the school.. it used to be @ specialist centre i think…

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