The Here & Now

Just went through a massive clearing of old stuff from my room… continuation of the cleaning process that stopped at 3am last night. I threw out loads of notes from KC days, TPJC days and TJC days. Gosh. I’m an incredible hoarder.

I suppose the process could be much quicker but I couldn’t help pause to read the old Christmas cards, birthday cards, letters, and so on from old friends. (Azure – I even found our scribbles from lectures during JC days! Haha… I couldn’t stop laughing when I read what you wrote about CS pouring water on my now cousin-in-law… I saved the paper to show you some day… hahaha).

Even more coincidentally, I found photos from our old church youth choir performance at Takashimaya, Deck the Mall, and guess what? Some people in church are thinking of re-staging the musical for Christmas this year. Haha. How time flies… 15 years have past since we first performed it at Taka.

While physically throwing out stuff, I was also backing up data from my desktop pc, aka the “iCute”, to my portable hard disk. All the old photos, old videos, bittorrents, etc, have now been moved to my portable hdd. (This is probably the last post that’s being typed from the iCute).

Looking back at the past 17 years of history that I just sorted out, I think the lesson I’ve learnt is to cherish the “here and now”. Not that the future or eternity isn’t important… but we need to be aware and mindful of every second that ticks.

I want to say a big THANKS to everyone who has been part of my life the past 17 years. God bless.

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