Silky Girl BB Cream

I’m in honeymoon mode already.  Hehe.  Still have a lot of things to clear in office but I was a little reluctant to start something that I won’t be able to finish by Wed, e.g. policy wording negotiations, etc. 

Anyway, I popped over to Tg Pagar during lunch to “stretch” my wedding shoes a little and picked up this Silky Girl BB Cream from Watsons.  I think this is a relatively new produdct… but it’s cheap – only $13.90, so I thought of trying it.  My main purpose is to find a sunscreen that’ll even out the skin tone at the same time – dual usage – which I deem highly important when on holidays.  (Yes!  I need to maximise sleep!).

I’ve never done a b4 and after photo before so I was pleasantly surprised the Panasonic Lumix FX33 worked pretty well for this… haha.

P1020569 P1020572

Before on the left.

After on the right.

I didn’t apply a lot of it… just a very thin film so I think the coverage is pretty decent.  :)  Covers my freckles. 


 P1020570 P1020573

Here’s the other cheek.  Before and after!

6 Responses to “Silky Girl BB Cream”

  1. 1 IndependentQueen

    does it work on wrinkle too? hehe.. (im old already)

  2. 2 UptownGal

    It didn’t totally cover the appearance of fine lines under my eyes.. but it definitely didn’t add to it. The problem I have with two-way cake foundation is that the powder sets into the lines and makes the lines look deeper than they are. So no complaints I guess… not sure if it really helps but it definitely doesn’t worsen!! (I have dry skin btw).

  3. 3 katrine

    you are really daring……your wedding’s on sunday – imagine if there was an allergic reaction…..I’m glad it works tho., i’m trying to moisturise my hair !

  4. 4 UptownGal

    hehe… i did think abt not testing new products till after the wedding… but cldn’t resist lah. 😛

    anyway, i also tested another bb cream called Legere BB Cream… but hvn’t had time to post abt it yet. heh.

    cya on Sun!!

  5. 5 shutterbug

    can u wear this as a daily moisturiser?
    even before sleep?

  6. 6 UptownGal

    er, i don’t think so. this is really more cosmetic (in the make up sense) than skin care…

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