Manila 2010

Realised I never got down to posting about my Manila trip this year.  This is very likely to be my last business trip to Manila as I will be handing the 2 Filipino accounts I handle over to another unit within my company.  Yeap.  双手奉上.  I’m not going into the details since I have photos of myself on this blog, least to say that it’s not something I necessarily agree with.

In any case, I’ve always enjoyed going Manila.  Though it’s not the safest place on earth and the air can be quite bad, the service is good and the hotels I get to stay in are always excellent.  Of course, my favourite part of the trip is always to eat the oysters at Via Mare!!  I think I made a mistake in my last blog post… I mentioned Via Mare is at Greenbelt 4 but it should be at Greenbelt 3… not too far away…



I stayed at The Peninsula this time.  Yup – that’s the hotel where the army tanks rammed into the lobby a couple of years ago when some poor army general tried to stage a coup but it flopped badly due to lack of support – the one where the general was later seen crying on TV when he surrendered.  *Sigh*. 



Staying at The Peninsula is more of a prestige thing I’m told because of its magnificent history.  I, however, felt that the rooms were a little old and small.  My favourite hotel remains the Shangri La Makati, which is just across the road from Peninsula.  The food at the Peninsula is great though.




I ordered room service the night I arrived (reached the hotel after 9pm).  It may not look that great in the pic but the club sandwich was heavenly!!  The layers of ham and bacon and egg… oooh… I can salivate just looking at the photo.  The fries that came with it were also the best fries I’ve ever eaten in my life!  They remained really crispy even after they turned cold.  So damn good!



Even the sauces that came with the club sandwich looked so cute.  The ketchup is still in my kitchen cupboard.  Haha.



I only managed to visit my favourite restaurant in Manila once on this trip.  But it’s ok.  I made sure I gorged on the oysters.  Just look at the pic above.  They’re absolutely the freshest, best, most yummilicious (yes, I just made that up) oysters I’ve ever tried.  No oysters in Singapore can compare.



The baked platter was equally scrumptious.  5 different flavours.  *Drool*.



This is the French Onion soup.  Sorry if the pics are a little whitish – took them with my hp camera and I’m too lazy to edit the pics.  Hehe.



And to round up the fantastic meal, nothing better than a San Miguel light!  Woot!


Ok.  Iceman just bought lunch back for me… so gotta go makan now.  I’ll miss the oysters…

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