Singnet Mio Woes

I’m once again forced to blog using my hp cos my Singnet Broadband connection is so farked up that I can’t load any websites at all. I’ve sent 2 complaint e-mails to Singnet and someone from the helpdesk did try to contact me the last 2 days, but i was unable to answer their calls – it’s hard when I have client calls coming in every 15min and numerous meetings to attend.

In any case, I don’t see how “troubleshooting” over the phone can help. I’m very sure my modem is set up correctly, after all, I was 1/4 of the pioneer Singnet Broadband helpdesk. Really don’t need any smart alecky agents from the outsourced helpdesk trying to teach me what to do.

That said, I’ve sent 2 e-mails to Singnet helpdesk to ask them to tell me over e-mail what sort of tests they want me to do. In my latest e-mail, I stated clearly that I’m more than familiar with Singnet and thus I guarantee my broadband problems isn’t anything to do with my connection settings. I hope they take me seriously… it’s for their own good.

Guess I’ll go watch some TV since my vision’s getting blurry from staring at my tiny hp screen for too long. Sigh. Hope the Nokia N8 comes out soon. i really could do with a bigger hp screen.

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