David Tao’s the best

Just got back from David Tao’s concert. Nearly didn’t make it to the concert ‘cos i plain forgot about it! Thankfully i managed to speed from Chinatown to the Indoor Stadium in time to catch the concert. (For once i’m grateful of the fact that Chinese concerts always start 30min late!)

The concert was simply awesome. The set was beautiful – this rainforest theme stage with a helicopter in the background. David Tao had 3 costume changes (i.e. he wore 4 different costumes right?).

What i really liked about the concert was that he had his band & backup singers on stage so we could really see what was happening. There was also a mini orchestra, a pipa player, a di zi (chinese flute) player, and 1 of the backup singers also played the er-hu! It was really fantastic. All the musicians were engaged in the performance and the entire place rocked.

I think the backup singers were really happy ‘cos they got to do lots of solo choruses & ad-libbing. It gave me the feeling that David Tao wanted to share his success with his entire crew, which was really cool. I was also touched when David Tao gave thanks to God on stage (I didn’t know he was a Christian), and when he shared that the song Hu Die (“Butterfly” from his Black Tangerine album) was written when he was feeling depressed and that song mirrored his relationship with God at that point in time.

Anyway, i’m a David Tao convert. After seeing his live showcase at the Expo earlier this year, i was already bowled over by his vocal prowess. Now, i’m a total fan man.

Going to get his latest bestseller compilation!!

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