Mayday Mayday!

“Mayday” is a signal word for aircraft/ships in distress and indeed i wanted to cry out for help when i was at the Mayday concert last Saturday. The first 2 hours of the concert was soooo darn boring!! I really have no idea what’s wrong with Ah Xin, the lead singer ‘cos he was soooo lethargic that i was nearly put to sleep – at a rock concert.

By the time he started perking up a little at 10:30pm, 2 hours after the concert started, i was feeling quite annoyed by him. The other band members were ok… and they kept the energy level throughout the concert but Mr. Lead Singer? No… i’ve never seen a rock singer sing standing still, and the only actions he did was either to stretch out his left hand, or hop on 1 foot in a circle. U would have thought that he wanted to challenge Faye Wong’s famous inanimation on stage.

Thankfully, before i walked out of the concert (which i was highly tempted to but felt that i would be ungrateful for my free ticket if i did), he started warming up and sang with that little bit more life. It didn’t help either that the Max Pavillion at the Expo had a real sucky sound system… or maybe the hall was just too echo-y for concerts.
Whatever the case, u can bet i’m not going for another Mayday concert…
Ooh… the funny show on SCV Ch55 is starting now!! Mo Detective here i come!!

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