“Mr. Nice Guy”

There was an appeal recently for me to amend this post. Hence, i shall do it 93.3 style…
Recently, my bf’s boss changed his hardy continental car for a Japanese sports car. Wow. So stylish & sleek. Makes everyone who sees this wonderful machine of his so envious.

Unfortunately,this beautiful sports car was not up to his expectations. Something wrong about the suspension it seems… something about it being too bouncy? I’m not sure…. i’m not a car person. My good ol’ Sunny is pretty bouncy too. But being such a fair & compassionate person, the boss didn’t want to condemn the poor innocent car before he brought it before a panel of just judges to confirm that the suspension was indeed too soft and thus, he gathered all the agents in his company to sit in the car to test it.

Being ever cooperative, my bf went along too. Of ‘cos everyone he summoned went. After all, who wouldn’t lend a helping hand (or arse) when their friendly, kindhearted, sweet, and magnanimous boss calls upon them right? Regardless of whatever programs they planned beforehand, or whatever tasks and errands they had to do, everyone jumped at the opportunity to lend their weight to challenge the car’s suspension.

Anyway, the verdict was that the suspension was indeed too soft. Oh dear… horrible Nissan. Really should improve on their suspension. Maybe i should complain about my bouncy Sunny too. Sigh… how come my boss doesn’t ever ask me to test out his car? Oh… i forget… my boss only drives a Honda Jazz.

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