Merry Christmas with Love

Can’t believe Christmas is here & almost gone again. Shucks… that means 1 whole year has passed and i’m still pretty much where i was last year.

Last Christmas i broke up with my now ex-bf but still survived the season. Wasn’t sad for reasons already mentioned but checking back on what i wrote last year, i’m once again fondly reminded of this old “club”, the JLC that i was part of a very long time ago.

Blessedly, i wasn’t JLC this year. I don’t think my other 2 club members were either. Acorn is in Thailand with his wife on a mission trip, and i think socks had fun too.

Reading my previous blog entries, i gotta admit my blog’s getting more and more politically correct… not in the non-expletives sense but in my sharings. Guess as more people find out about my blog, especially people from work, i tend to share less generously and somehow the “raw feelings” kind of edge is gone.

But this post isn’t about that. This post is to commemorate the happy Christmas i had this year. It was a very pleasant coincidence that my backup singing duty fell on Christmas day. We had a worship practice last Tue (27/12/2005) and it was an enjoyable time. We had a short recap of various Christmas carols we used to sing in SSS (Senior Sunday School) and that brought back very nostalgic feelings. Though i’m no longer close to a lot of friends that i used to be close to in church, it was nontheless sweet to reminisce a tweeny weeny bit about how we used to spend Christmas in SSS. Just trying to recall lyrics to the familiar carols, and singing bursts of it with folks i used to be close to filled me with a sense of warmth & gladness.

Christmas day started off happily with breakfast with some of the worship team & cheerful conversation. Although i’ve not chatted with the rest of them for some time now, i’m glad i wasn’t made to feel excluded. There was no awkwardness in the air but jolly jibes and jest instead. Christmas service was a happy one and we had a really funny speaker today.

After service, i had lunch with my cousins, aunts & uncles, and then dinner with Clown’s extended family. It was good. It’s always good to see loved ones even if there was no intense conversation or deep sharing. Seeing everyone well & happy is the greatest reminder that God takes care of all of us.

Still got a little cold and i really shouldn’t be up at this hour… but i can’t bear to sleep ‘cos it’s been 1 of the more wonderful Christmases i’ve had… but i better go zzzz soon…. gotta wake up for lunch with my cellgroup. I’m really looking forward to that…. (but Dr. Heah – i still prefer ham to turkey!) ;D

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  1. 1 KATRINE

    It doesn’t matter what people think, whether you work with them or not. More importantly, its your sincerity that will matter in the long run.

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