Coke Light!

Went to the pet shop (now doesn’t this intro sound familiar) just now and guess what? I got myself a 5th rabbit – Coke Light! This little rabbit looks almost exactly like Coke! I bet they’re from the same parents. Clown and i bought him immediately ‘cos he soooooo reminded us of Coke. This new little fella is called Coke Light, but Coke for short. 🙂

Weighed him when i got home and he’s a tiny little 250g! (Though that’s still heavier than what Coke weighed). Coke Light is a fearless rabbit. He’s really curious and he was obviously having a helluva time in the backyard doing crazy turns & spins. But poor Coke Light was attacked 3x by the horrible horrible Peanut. I say he’s fearless ‘cos he doesn’t stay traumatised but bounces back immediately. Resilient bunny! Muah Chee & Coffee are the friendliest towards him and Princess Horlicks didn’t really bother much about him.

Wanted to post this last week but didn’t have the time. That horrible Peanut BIT ME! I was putting the food tray back into the cage after filling it with pellets for the rabbits’ breakfast & Peanut BIT me! It was such a deep cut… i could feel her incisor slice right into my thumb. Blood squirted from my thumb straightaway. I’m positive Peanut tasted some of my blood. That bloody vampire!

I showed my mom the cut that night and my mom asked – will you get the disease that spreads when dogs bite? I was like… no mom… u don’t get rabies from rabbits… Anyhow, i am in half the mind to give Peanut away ‘cos she doesn’t take kindly to humans. She’s ok with the other members of the Forbidden City… but runs away when we try to carry her. I think my dad is the only one who really sayang(s) her. So i’m giving her 2 weeks to adapt to my darling Coke Light. Otherwise… anyone wants a rabid rabbit?

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November 2005