My department recently handled the Singapore launch of this M’sian condominium project. I sent a mass sms to contacts whom i felt might be interested in investing in this condo. I can’t remember the exact text i sent but i know it went something like, “Hi. I’m currently doing the launch of this KL project called XXXX. Prices start from S$93.5k. Let me know if you’re interested”. Well, something along those lines (can’t find the msg in my Sent folder anymore).

To my shock and subsequent ire, i received a reply from Airbus that said, “Please don’t look for me for this sort of things anymore. In fact, take care ‘cos i don’t think i’ll be keeping in touch.” I was like… what the fcuk? Did he think that i only sent that sms to him ‘cos he’s rich? (*Rolls eyes* He’s not even half as rich as some people i know). But that was the limit of the nonsense i could take from him. Instead of being peaceable, i promptly sent a reply that said, “That was a mass sms i sent. I don’t know what you’re so angry about. But if it makes u happy, fine. Take care.”

Goodness gracious! That fella has some serious issues man. I was quite rankled by the whole incident and i told Iceman & Zounds about it. Zounds said that perhaps Airbus thinks that i always make use of him. I mean, although our friendship has been off and on for the past 3 years, i thought Airbus should be wise enough by now to realise why! The reason why i always cool off is ‘cos everytime i think he’s ok to us being platonic friends and i make contact with him, he gets all excited and over-enthusiastic. Frankly, that freaks me out time and again… so of ‘cos i’ll cool off a bit to let him back off. But it doesn’t mean that i don’t treasure the friendship we’ve had since 1998.

But that sms? That did it. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. If a person doesn’t know how to handle friendships/relationships in a mature way by the time they’re 30, they never will. I admit i was attracted to him the first time i saw him. But that attraction ended when he stood up. Yep. I have a hang-up about height. So shoot me. I mean, we still went on to be great friends & i really enjoyed the long chats we have. But that’s it man… FRIENDS!!

Over the years, there were times when i did consider him…. but somehow something just didn’t click. My conclusion is that you can’t be with a person just ‘cos he’s nice to you. ‘Cos human beings are suckers. If u like a person, even if he isn’t nice to you, u’ll still like him. (Of ‘cos it’s best if you can find someone who likes you and u like him too lah!)

Anyway, i was pissed off by a couple of people over the past week but that took the cake. Sigh… i’ve been blogging about my pets for a long time. This “peeve-post” has been way overdue!

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