Obedient Cokie!

Coke Light was so obedient just now. I got home close to midnight and wanted to pay the rabbits a visit before i went up to my room. When i opened Coke’s cage, he wanted to come out. But once i pet him on his forehead, he just placed his front paws on the doorway of his cage and closed his eyes for me to pet! So adorable!! I think Coke’s absolutely the cutest little guy.

Coke’s so obedient – how can one not love him? I read on the Internet yesterday that once rabbits that have been introduced don’t get along with each other, they never will…. that makes me extremely worried that Horlicks & Peanut will never accept Coke. I’m prepared to sterilise both of them if that’ll help in taming them.

Horlicks has turned into an evil concubine. She chases Peanut inside their cage at least 2-3x a day, and sometimes she chases Coffee too. The only rabbit she doesn’t chase is Muah Chee… but then again, MC is like Miss Congeniality – loved by all.

Sigh… i hope my rabbits will all get along. My dad says that Horlicks is obedient… i’m not sure. It seems like my dad can calm her down when she’s in her bully mode. Maybe different rabbits are obedient to different owners. Coke & MC probably listen to me the most. As far as i know, MC doesn’t allow anyone else to pick her up except me… and even then not all the time.

I really hope that i won’t have to neuter Horlicks & Peanut in order to tame them!

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November 2005