Stupid drivers

Got really pissed off by this stupid driver on the road just now. I was on my way home from Toa Payoh when this idiotic driver decided to tail-gate me. Sheesh, the stupid driver didn’t even switch on his headlights, choosing to drive with only his fog lights on. As the fog lights were near the bottom of the car, and given how close he was following my car, it was probably some time before i noticed the dark blue car behind me.

Checking my speedometer, i saw that i was going at 100km/h. As the speed limit on the PIE was 90km/h, there was no way i was going to speed up and break the law just because this moron was smelling my ass. If he likes to breathe in the farts of my exhaust, he was welcomed to do so.

I mean, someone explain the logic to me – how does tail-gating the car in front of you make your vehicle travel faster? What? Trying to bully me into breaking the law for you? So smart, fly over my car lah!

The max speed limit in Singapore is only 90km/h, with a “grace” of perhaps 10km/h over the limit. So as long as the person in the extreme right lane is going between 90-100km/h, that’s not road hogging ok! If you choose to exceed the speed limit, then you should jolly well do so at your own risk, and you can also jolly well overtake my car. Don’t expect me to give way to you because I AM DRIVING IN ACCORDANCE WITH SINGAPORE’S SPEED LIMIT!

So what if there were no other cars in front of me? Does it mean that the “first” car in the lane is always expected to break the law? And if there was another car in front of me, then the onus to break the law is on the car in front? No logic right? If that’s the case, then what’s the point of having speed limits on the road?

And what’s with all these stupid idiots who can afford to buy cars, but cannot afford to buy headlights & signal lights? Or did headlights & signal lights suddenly become optional accessories that you need to top up money to get when you buy a car? I always feel like shouting to these stupid drivers, “Got money to buy car, not enough money to buy signal uh?”

I simply hate this sort of “bullying” mentality some drivers have. If your wife is in labour and you’re rushing to the hospital, then polite ask for the car in front to give way to you lah! As long as a car DOESN’T tail-gate me, and he/she signals right, i will always move off to the centre lane and let him/her pass. My point is, bullying does NOT work.

I was so annoyed by the car just now that i braked hard, let the car almost kiss my car’s ass, and then i sped up again. That scared the moron behind me for a while… but not for long. 10min later, the ass was tail-gating me again. Lucky for him, i reached my exit and changed lanes. But what REALLY pissed me off was when i saw that the car wound down its front passenger window, and this bloody stupid young gal had the audacity to stare at me. Stare simi stare? That car had the honour of being the 2nd person i’ve showed the middle finger to in my 5+ years of driving. Too bad it was dark and i don’t think the stupid ah lian saw it.

Grr… i reiterate, hell hath no fury like UptownGal tail-gated / misrepresented to…. etc.

(And that’s also why i don’t drive with any bumper stickers that say, Jesus loves u. :P)

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