Loose Ends

Oh dear, have been really really busy all of a sudden. Started with the launch of the new condo in the west, training on how to be a pitbull, and then the turf war at the condo in the east.

Got a couple of loose ends that i better tie up on my blog. Tana from Singtel called to say that as a 3G user, i indeed get more mileage on the Data3 lite plan than a usual 2G user. Total retraction of what she said the previous night, though she didn’t admit it. Lucky for her, i was too busy in office when she called, to pursue her mistake. Maybe she was sleepy when i called the first time ‘cos i think my call was like 2am+ in the morning.

Likewise, Halimah from Singtel confirmed the above and so i’m satisfied. Haven’t seen my GPRS usage details yet… but i hope everything turns out all right. It’s tiring being a helpdesk assassin u know! 😛 (Tho’ i just received an “assignment” to deal with another helpdesk… hehe)

Pinky went through another growth spurt recently! He’s a strapping young lad now. Has the fur of his mother, and the features of his dad. He still wants attention sometimes… and will insist that his mom licks him. But he’s a really sweet natured bunny who doesn’t mind being carried & cuddled (and i mean really cuddle… like my cheek on his head cuddle).

A stranger who read my blog told me that i complain & whine a lot on my blog. A lot meh? I think a lot of my posts are quite funny leh… and i have all these cheery pics of Pinky! Chey! Dunno the person got read properly or not…. 😛

Like mother like son

Ever the manja king

What’s on the other side?

That’s MY food!

U jump i jump!

Stealing a midnight snack from mommy

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