At peace again…

Got a call from a sweet-voiced Singtel staff yesterday. She was polite, clear, and thoroughly professional. Didn’t catch her name ‘cos she woke me up from my late afternoon nap. Anyway, once she identified that she was from Singtel, i woke up enough to register that Singtel had acceded to my request – my mobile line will be converted to a corporate account, and the Data3 Lite plan that i fought so hard for will follow me to this new account. 

The nice lady also made it clear that:
1) The free 12 months will not be starting from scratch, but will continue from its current period.
2) This does not set a precedent for future cases (ok, she said it in much nicer terms).

Anyhow, this is what i consider a proper helpdesk personnel! She sounded pleasant, had a friendly tone, was clear in the information she had to convey, and addressed almost all the issues i had raised in my email to Bernard Ho. Real pity i didn’t catch her name ‘cos she deserves to be praised.

She ended the conversation by saying that i just needed to fill in my personal particulars on the conversion form, and PS Tan would fill in the rest for me. (Darn! They didn’t challenge me to produce proof that he offered to fill in the form previously. Shucks… maybe they’ve wised up by now and realised that i only bombard people when i have evidence to back up my claims.)

Whatever the case, i faxed whatever i could fill up on the form over to PS Tan today… forgot to drop him an email to check if he received the form. Guess i’ll do it tomorrow… if i remember… heh.

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